ATG Gives Back – Orphanage Update

Recent typhoons have threatened Vietnam with the biggest floods in decades. We had sent funds over just in time before the storms hit. Luckily, one of our own orphanages only faced minor damages during the flood and sent us a very heart-warming email. Here is the their message, translated into English:

Dear ATG family,

Hope everyone is well. The bad storm and its flood were so horrific. The wind was up to level 14 and 15 and caused much damage to the Central and Mountain area of Vietnam, destroying many lives and properties.  The lives of the people in these areas, most of whom are already poor, now have become more difficult.  I saw the news and felt so bad for them.

At least [we] were not hurt.  After the storm and the flood, everyone is safe and the house is not damaged.  The bedrooms of the kids and the kitchen were flooded as high as 30 cm.  After the water retreated, the older kids and I cleaned up the mud for 3 days.  However, even when everyone were tired and busy, I felt that I could not let the children go without the Mid-Autumn festival.  Thus, I have organized a small celebration for the children from Uu Dam and other kids from the disadvantaged families in the neighborhood.  The children were so happy and encouraged.   I attached a few pictures of Uu Dam family as we faced the flood and enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Fest thanks to ATG family.  Wishing everyone at ATG happy and healthy.



Children of the orphanage during the floods
Cleaning up from the flood damage
Sister with the children celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival




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