Going Against The Grain:Lyly Koenig

ATG goes chats with Lyly Koenig, a Vietnamese Operation Babylift adoptee, former Charger Girl and Rams Cheerleader,  breast cancer suvivor and now up and coming fashion designer about how she has kept a winning attitude to follow her dreams.
Photo by Ricardo Ramirez Photography

Lyly Thanh Koenig

Festus, Missouri

Current Residence:
Miami, Florida

What has inspired you to go into fashion?
After beating breast cancer, I had a tremendous drive to follow my dreams. I wanted to find a way to do what I loved for a living.

What has been some of the biggest challenges you have face and how did you overcome these obstacles?
My biggest challenge was fighting breast cancer. I maintained a positive attitude throughout my treatments. I surrounded myself with positive, encouraging friends and family. I took advantage of any time that I had when I wasn’t feeling sick to embrace life, living in the moment.

What is the most important advice/message you would give ?  
Live in the moment. Take advantage of every opportunity, because you may not get it again. Spend as much quality time with family and friends as you can. 
What do you foresee in 2010 and what do you hope to achieve?
I foresee change in that I will be starting off in a new career, in a new city, and I hope to launch my line!

Catch Lyly and her work at our upcoming 2010 Fashion for a Passion charity event next September!
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