ATG Brings Spring Donation to Orphanages in Hue and Da Nang

In March and April, members of our ATG family took a trip to Vietnam and made donations to several orphanages in Hue and Da Nang. With the support from our friends, family  and local supporters, we were able to deliver  food, baby formula, books, toys, clothes, soap, and lotion to three different orphanages with the funds raised by your generous donations.

The ATG team had their first stop at an orphanage in Hue. The very first time we made a visit and donated to this orphanage, there were only 22 children. Today, there are 39 children who range from 7 months to 17 years-old — all of whom share a love for Choco-pie!

Sister PT informed us that currently there are many children with special needs, but with the lack of resources and facilities, she could not take them in. But the children who still remain seem to grow more quickly (and to our delight, stronger and healthier) with each year’s visit. During our first trip to Vietnam, we met an 8 month-old boy who had been abandoned and left at the orphanage doorstep. Now, he stands tall with a mischievous, playful spirit at 30 months.

On the second orphanage trip, our ATG volunteers paid a visit to an all-girls orphanage run by nuns. The children, which include 63 girls and 2 boys with Down Syndrome, were in need of summer clothes and milk. Our team went to the local stores and bought clothes and supplies for the children. That following Sunday, when the kids were off from school, we paid a visit to pass out the newly purchased clothes, milk and food.

ATG thanks all of you for your continuous support and donations. Without you, trips like these could not be possible.

To support our cause, please visit and scroll to the bottom of the page for easy donation options.

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