FFAP Art for Auction

For those of you who did not get a chance to bid, it’s not too late to bid on these works of art for charity!

Contact fundraising@againstthegrainproductions.com if you are interested in making a bid! Proceeds go to benefit ATG’s supported orphanages, outreach programs and the Artistic Scholarship Fund!


"Green" by Jin-Ya Huang


"Cowboys and Indians" by Jin-Ya Huang


"Seaside Vacation" by Jin-Ya Huang


"Bird Chandelier" by Van Ditthavong


"Yay, Water!" by Budi Tjoenawan


"Here Kitty" by Budi Tjoenawan


"Whee Kite" by Budi Tjoenawan


"If Life Deals You Lemons" (paper cut-out art) by Julene Harrison


Photo by Alex Lim


Photo by Alex Lim


Photo by Alex Lim


"OCD" by Monika Hoang


"Narcissistic" by Monika Hoang


"Alzheimer's" by Monika Hoang
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