National Adoption Month by Jared Rehberg

On this month, I think about Adoptive and Foster families who offer children a safe, loving and supportive home. For all couples who are fulfilling their dreams of starting a family. I honor the personal journey of so many children and adults who share a similar story as me. This is an important time for adoption and foster care awareness.

My heart goes out to adoptees who begin their search for birth family and heritage as they balance life and their identity struggles. My heart goes out to birth mothers and communities who look out for their care and well being. My heart goes out to adoptees who planning their journey back home to their motherland. I think about my second chance and those who never got one.

To the artist and filmmakers, like Tammy Nguyen Lee, who volunteer their time and talent to help share our lost and sometimes controversial stories. Last and definitely not least, a big thank you to my parents, family and friends for their love and support through out the years. To all my adoptee friends and family around the world, you are not alone, you are not invisible.

Much Love,



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